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Kopral & Friends

Baimah currently resides at Samboja Lestari, but her very early life was quite unhealthy. Previously kept as a pet, she arrived at the Samboja Lestari Rehabilitation Centre, very overweight, which made it hard for her to breathe let alone move and explore.

Baimah’s best friends at Forest School include Feruza, Galaksi, and Otan

She is already a bold tree climber!

Her favourite food is Tarap – a sweet, creamy fruit that resembles both Jackfruit and Durian

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When you adopt Baimah, you instantly become an involved part of her journey back to the wild. As Baimah’s adopter, you will receive dedicated quarterly updates and photographs – as well as a yearly unique video – detailing her individual story, struggles, and triumphs.

With your support, she can continue to learn how to survive on her own so she may one day be released back into the wild.

A new arrival!

With the help of our medical team, she was put on a diet to get her back to a healthy weight. And the results have been tremendous! Now that she can exercise and breathe more easily, her true inquisitive, curious nature has come through in full force. Now, Baimah happily climbs trees and plays with friends, revelling in the beauty of a healthier life…

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Our centres provide an average of 22 types of fruits and vegetables. As orangutans take an average of 10 years to rehabilitate, your support can help supply a lot of fruit.


Orphaned orangutans are cared for by surrogate mothers who teach them the skills needed to survive in the rainforest. Including twigs to forage for food and traversing the treetops.


Contributes to vet checks and healthcare, as well as regular vitamins and enrichment activities. Your monthly gift will ensure we can maintain the lifesaving care we provide.

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