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With your ongoing support, you become an integral part of your adopted orangutan’s journey back to the wild. With 3 exlusive packages, adoption is a gift that’s perfect for 2024 and beyond.

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By donating you are ensuring the long-term survival of orangutans, and other rainforest species. We must protect and restore the Bornean rainforest.

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Our mission is two-fold:

Orangutan conservation is vital for safeguarding biodiversity and maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems. By protecting orangutans, we also preserve the rich biodiversity of their habitats, ensuring the health of our planet.

Conservation efforts protect habitats, promote biodiversity, and foster ecological balance, ensuring a sustainable future for all inhabitants, while mitigating climate change and preserving the rich tapestry of life.



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Samboja Lestari Retreat

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Give a better life to orangutans who cannot be released into the wild

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BOS OJS Orangutan Jungle School logo

This incredible show has it all, taking viewers on a roller coaster ride of adventures, heartaches, fun, friends, failures, and successes of all the orangutans who attend the BOS Foundation’s unique school.

BOS OJS Orangutan Jungle School logo

Wildlife tourism has become a lucrative business worth around 250 billion dollars a year. These profits come at a cost. From the studio that brought you ‘Ivory Game’ comes a new and powerful documentary.

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With your help, we plan to plant 400 more trees to help with reforestation efforts in BOSF’s Samboja Lestari rescue centre.

The gift that keeps on giving

Adoptions are a great way to support our work and make fantastic gifts! With your ongoing support, you become an integral part of your adopted orangutan’s journey back to the wild.

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