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Conservation in Borneo

Established in 1991, the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation is the world’s largest orangutan conservation organisation. Through our global partnerships we are changing the downward trajectory for Bornean orangutans and their depleting rainforests.

The only way for us to save the Bornean orangutan and their rainforest homes is to create a global movement for change. To learn more about the vital, lifesaving work we do and how you can help: please join us and sign

Orangutans in our care

Acres of rainforest under our care

Orangutans returned to the wild

Rainforest Conservation

To ensure the long-term survival of orangutans we must protect and restore the Bornean Rainforest

Our decision making is science based, informing our rainforest protection and reforestation efforts.

When we identify pristine habitats, we work with all agencies and partners to ensure that area is protected.

For deforested land we utilise a host of proven techniques to restore the native rainforest to again sustain orangutan populations

By balancing our focus on both large-scale orangutan habitats and vital orangutan wildlife corridors we will save the species

We recognise that rainforest conservation can only be accomplished by working with the local indigenous communities.

We currently have a total of 1.1M acres of rainforest under our protection. This includes a population of 2,550 wild orangutans within our Mawas project, which is 0.75M acres (about twice the size of Greater London).

Orangutan Conservation

When we get notified of an orangutan in need of rescue, our specialist team which always includes a medic, launch into action.

Once assessed, the orangutan is either translocated or admitted to one of our centres where they receive intensive medical care and enter a quarantine period.

Having passed quarantine, the orangutan’s wild behaviours are evaluated, and a plan is put in place for their path forward.

Depending on their skills they enter the correct “forest school” class to learn needed wild skills

When the orangutans have gained an acceptable level of wild skills and graduated from Forest School, they go to pre-release islands or sanctuary islands.

After honing their skills on the pre-release islands, the rehabilitated orangutans are returned to the wild in protected rainforests.

The orangutans are intensely monitored for the first few months following their return to the wild


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