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Doisy & Dam (Nurture Brands)

Chocolate Brand

New    Since 2023

Doisy & Dam are leaders in better chocolate – palm oil free, ethically sourced, plant based chocolate. They are driven by supporting hard-working cocoa farmers, endangered orangutans and our planet. 1% of revenue from every Doisy & Dam product sold goes directly to supporting the work of BOS.
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1% of Sales | Special One-Off Projects | Promotes our Cause

Partner Highlight

Asia Wild

Wildlife Conservation Organization

New    Since 2023

Asia Wild is committed to rescuing and protecting the welfare of Asian animals worldwide. We support organizations rescuing animals from abuse and captivity, preventing illegal wildlife trade, trafficking, and promoting global conservation and sustainability efforts. We firmly believe that no organization or idea is too small to make a significant impact. By empowering passionate organizations that create positive change in the animal welfare world, we can create a world where all Asian animals can thrive, free from harm and exploitation. We are proud to partner and have their support.
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Annual Major Donation | Promote our Cause | Collaborative Events

Our mission is two-fold:

Orangutan conservation is vital for safeguarding biodiversity and maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems. By protecting orangutans, we also preserve the rich biodiversity of their habitats, ensuring the health of our planet.

Conservation efforts protect habitats, promote biodiversity, and foster ecological balance, ensuring a sustainable future for all inhabitants, while mitigating climate change and preserving the rich tapestry of life.



orangutans in our care

More than


acres under our care



orangutans returned to the wild

How partnering with us enhances your brand

  • 87% 87%

of consumers perceived that cause-related marketing enhanced the image of the business. 74% increased consumer loyalty, and 66% felt a positive impact on society.
Source: Research Gate

  • 62% 62%

of consumers who were exposed to cause-related marketing were more likely to recommend the brand to others, compared to 49% who were not exposed
Source: Cone Communications

  • 74% 74%

of consumers reported that they were more likely to purchase a product associated with a social cause than one that was not.
Source: Research Gate

A Really Good Egg

Our partner Doisy & Dam launched a new “Really Good Egg” for easter 2024 that talks about our work and are doubling their support of orangutans through its sales!

Silent Auction Donation

Andy with Artist4Apes next to his masterful painting that he so kindly donated to our silent auction

Augmented Artwork

Ed with Under the Skin attending our event and showing how their incredible interactive artwork works

Raising Awareness

Pymatek team coming together on World Orangutan Day to raise funds and awareness

Educating is key

Karen and Tony with For the Love of Earth are such wonderful partners and educators on orangutan issues

Our Corporate Partners



Since 2020

Andy Gilpin’s passion and fascination with all apes startede after seeing them in the wild. From there his curiousity has taken him on journey to learn more and help these majestic creatures through his incredible talent of painting. Andy not only donates a large portion of his sales but gifts artwork to us and volunteers as one of our orangutan educators.
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30% of Sales | Volunteer

Canto Corvino


Since 2020

Canto Corvino is a modern Italian restaurant right in the heart of London. We are so proud to partner with this incredible restautant as they are as passionate about great food and service as we are about saving the orangutan species. Visit and you will see!
View their website |Instagram

Donation added to bill | Special One Off Projects

Comyn Ching Architectural Hardware Ltd

Hardware Supplier

Since 2016

Made by hand in the U.K. Comyn Ching Architectural Hardware supply some of the most sought after door and window fittings in the marketplace. Our reputation is built upon quality craftsmenship, using traditional skills in conjuction with modern manufacturing techniques we pride ourselves on supplying products made to the highest possible standards.
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Monthly Major Donation

For the Love of Earth

Eco-Friendly Retailer

Since 2022

Karen and Tony volunteered at our rescue centre in Borneo and ever since have been passionate supporters of orangutan conservation. We are so honoured to have their support through their For the Love of Earth ethical skincare product line, and the advocacy they provide by talking about thier trip with customers.
View their website | Instagram

3% of Profits | On-site donations | Promote our Cause

IJPR Media Limited

PR Company

Since 2023

IJPR Media is renowned for their strong relationships with on-screen and production talent getting the most out of a production through collaboration and mutual respect, providing exceptional access and producing engaging behind the scenes materials. We are so proud to have a strong relationship with them as they also work to save our planet’s species.
View their website | Instagram

Annual Major Donation | Professional Services

London Law Collective

Legal Firm

Since 2021

London Law Collective believes that we do more together than alone, and we agree! They truly understand that having a positive impact on the world around us is just as important, which is so refreshing and why we are so proud to partner with them.
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Pro-Bono Services



Since 2020

Manicomio’s two stunning London locations provide elegant and uncomplicated menus that offer modern Italian dishes with a strong emphasis on seasonality. Each of their restaurants provide unqiue and idyllic settings, right in the heart of London. Their passion for food is clear and their love of our cause is incredible. We are so proud to call them our partners and friends.
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Donation added to customer bill | Event Hosting | Promote our Cause

Nicola Jane Art


Since 2022

Nicola is passionate about wildlife and finds inspiration from the stunning wildlife all around us, documentaries and the beautiful images she sees. Her stunning work mainly focuses on conservation pieces, with a set amount from the Original and each Limited Edition Giclee print donated towards different causes. We are proud to be on that list!
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30% of Sales | Promote our Cause

Pymatek Automation LTD UK

Industrial Equipment Supplier

Since 2023

Pymatek is an Industrial Automation Supplier that specializes in the distribution of products such as: Programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), Drives, HMI ‘s, motors, servomotors, encoders, industrial cables, Numerical Control, Temperature Control and many more. Their team is so passionate about orangutans, and we are very proud to have their suppport.
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Monthly Donation | Promote our Cause

Sunlover Ltd

Eco-Friendly Retailer

Since 2023

Sunlover is a family run business. Their owner’s have travelled the world, seen what it has to offer and changed their lives to fully embrace the wonder it holds. Over 20 years they have created a collection which celebrates the diversity and colourful vitality of the beautiful islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago. We are so proud they chose this path, and us a partner.
View their website | Instagram

Various % of Product Sales | Promote our Cause


Eco-Friendly Retailer

Since 2023

At SunVit-D3 they use all natural ingredients in their products which are then independently tested. Their D3 is suitable for all ages & health conditions as well as being certified by the Halal monitoring committee and approved vegan by the vegetarian society. We are so glad they chose our sweet Meryl on their children’s gummies.
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Pro-Bono Services

Turnstyle Designs Ltd

Bespoke Hardware Supplier

Since 2023

Turnstyle Designs delivers luxury door and furniture hardware for bespoke and high-end residential, commercial and yacht projects. From hand stitched leather, to individually hammered door hardware, attention to detail is found in every product made. Their passion extends to our planet’s endangered species, and we are proud to have their support.
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Annual Major Donation

Under the Skin - of Endangered Species


Since 2021

The founders of Under the Skin are brothers, outdoor adventurers and creative collaborators. Growing up in a home filled with old medical instruments, and shelves stacked to the rafters with nature journals and iconic bright yellow National Geographic magazines, they were encouraged to fill sketchbooks and scrapbooks from a young age. It’s funny how childhood curiosities can have such an influence on your outlook on life. We are so thankful they chose the path they did and found us here at BOS UK!
View their website | Instagram

20% of orangutan print sales

Vui Vui Botanic Atelier

Eco-Friendly Retailer

Since 2019

Vui Vui Botanic Atelier’s luxurious skincare products are created in small batches in London using only natural botanical ingredients ethically and sustainably sourced within the UK. They are both eco-friendly and ocean friendly. Their plant-based soaps will not pollute or harm sea-life. They use bio-degradable eco paper packaging, and quality amber glassware for their premium oils and balms. Vui Vui is 100% cruelty-free, and never tested or trialled on animals. BOS-UK is so proud to have their support, which extends well beyond their donations!
View their website | Instagram

3% of Profits | Promote our Cause| Volunteer

Our Corporate Partners

AZA Orangutan SAFE

Zoo Partnership

Since 2022

The Orangutan SAFE program moves beyond the goals of the AZA Orangutan Species Survival Plan (SSP), of which the aim is to manage our captive populations by focusing specifically on the conservation of the wild orangutan population. The Orangutan SAFE program aims to protect and restore the wild orangutan population and their habitats through public engagement, funding, and field work. We are honoured to be a recipient of thier support.
View their website

Annual Major Donation | Promote our Cause

Bryant's Land and Development Industries, Inc.

Construction Company

New    Since 2023

Bryant’s Land and Development Industries, Inc. was founded in 2000 as a heavy highway construction company, excelling in turn-key, high quality construction and strong relationships with owners and suppliers. Not only do they help pave our roads, but are helping pave our way to a better future for orangutans!
View their website

Annual Donation

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Nonprofit Accreditation Entity

Since 2022

Every day, the world over, wild and domestic animals are abandoned, displaced, or injured by humans and natural causes. The sole purpose of The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is to ensure that these animals receive the highest standards of care during rescue, rehabilitation, and the rest of their life. We are proud to work alongside them to meet our shared goals.
View their website | Instagram

Annual Major Donation | Promote our Cause | Collaborative Events

Tranquility du Jour

Eco-Friendly Retailer

Since 2021

Kimberly is a psychotherapist, author of lifestyle books, and creator of Tranquility du Jour—a community offering tools to infuse tranquility into the every day. Her mission is to help midlife women experience more balance and beauty in their lives. Obsessed with orangutans since childhood, a portion of her work is donated to support BOS.
View their website | Instagram

1% of Annual Profits | Promote our Cause

Our Foundation Partners

To permanently protect orangutans and their rainforest homes is a colossal undertaking. That is why we are so very proud to have the support of such wonderful Foundations who share in our values, goals, and mission. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Constance Travis Charitable Trust: Since 2017

Mrs D M Hayhurst Foundation: Since 2022

Charitable Aid Foundation Donor Fund: Since 2024

To permanently protect orangutans and their rainforest homes is a colossal undertaking. That is why we are so very proud to have the support of such wonderful Foundations who share in our values, goals, and mission. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

The David P. Tenberg Charitable Foundation: Since 2021

Tommy Raskin Memorial Fund for People and Animals: Since 2023 | NEW

Folke H. Peterson Foundation: Since 2023 | NEW

Improve your brand loyalty while helping protect orangutans and the rainforest. Be our partner!

Help protect orangutans and the rainforest with our partnership program. Get in touch here.

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Corporate responsibility kills <feeds> two birds with one stone <seed>: On the one hand, you make the world a better place, and on the other, you get more business. Giving back is a win for everyone.
Embrace your mission and values to create a giving program that will grow your brand and change the world for years to come.

Nikki Carlson

Forbes: Why Giving Back Increases Brand Loyalty

Are you in the food industry?

Improve your brand loyalty while helping protect orangutans and the rainforest.
At no cost.

Partnership FAQ

Does it cost anything to become a BOS-UK partner?

No, partnership does not have any fees associated and we can tailor a partnership agreement that works for both organisations.

Does it cost anything to become a BOS-USA partner?
No, partnership does not have any fees associated and we can tailor a partnership agreement that works for both organisations.
If we sign a partnership agreement what are our obligations?
Our partnership agreements outline the agreed terms on how we choose to work together, and either party is able to cancel this at anytime should there be a desire to do so.
Does partnership have to be a financial donation?
Not at all, we have partners that provide us much needed pro-bono or reduced fee services, in-kind donations of goods, and promotional benefits, so there are many ways to structure the partnership.
Can we use the BOS logo on our materials and products if we partner?
Yes, this is possible with some limitations. Contact us if you want to discuss further.
Can we direct our support to a specific area or project of BOS’s work?
Yes, this is possible for larger donations and we can provide options to consider.
Are there any companies you won’t work with?
We hold to the concept that all companies that are on a path to being more environmentally conscious are potential candidates for partners, but yes, there are certain companies that don’t meet this criteria that we will pass on partnering with, but will always provide them guidance on how to get on the right path.

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