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Would you like your favourite adoptable BOS orangutan to be immortalized in a one-of-a-kind painting?

Longtime supporter and painter extraordinaire at artist4apes, Andy Gilpin, has graciously decided to make his next orangutan portrait a fan-fave adoptee!

Andy has long been an ardent supporter of Borneo Orangutan Survival. In fact, he currently contributes 30 per cent of his sales from his orangutan paintings and prints to our work, including the beautiful portrait of Jelapat above.

And now YOU can help decide who he paints next!

Will it be resilient Bumi? Tiny Jeni? Unsinkable Kopral? Strong Mema? Inquisitive Monita? Unstoppable Monyo? Or bright Topan?

Cast your vote now! Voting ends on 9 May 2023 at midnight!