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Topan has overcome a lot in her young life. Rescued in October of 2017, she arrived at Nyaru Menteng in a very weak state.

She had been found by local villagers and was in bad condition: severely dehydrated, malnourished, and dangerously underweight at only 1.5 kg. After a few days in our intensive care unit, Topan’s condition improved, and she was able to join other babies in the quarantined section of the Baby House.

Her spirit is so much bigger than her body and she has persevered under the loving care of our Nyaru Menteng team to build up her health and confidence. She has grown to be very independent in Forest School and has taken steps to be more self-sufficient while spending her time happily in the tops of the trees.

Topan enjoys a good snack

Topan is working toward being released back into the wild and she needs your help and support. Will you adopt Topan today?

As Topan’s adopter, you will get quarterly updates on her progress! Here’s an excerpt of some recent news:

Orangutans are known for living a semi-solitary life in the forest. However, for female orangutans, especially those who have undergone rehabilitation, socialising with others is not such a strange phenomenon. This is likely due to their experiences during the rehabilitation process, where they grow and develop alongside peers. Even so, there are still some orangutans, like Topan, who have a strong, independent character and prefer to be alone, despite being surrounded by others in Forest School. 

Excelling in skills and natural behaviours, Topan is unlike other female orangutans in Nyaru Menteng’s Forest School Group 4. While the others enjoy playing and spending time together, Topan tends to be a solitary individual…

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