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The baby of the bunch, Monyo is our youngest adoptable male orangutan.

He arrived at our Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre in November 2019, when a local villager claimed to have found the 6-month-old Monyo stranded alone a week before being rescued by the Central Kalimantan BKSDA.

As Monyo joined Forest School, he found a natural fit. His confidence grew as bonded with the other orphans and he found he had a penchant for climbing trees (to a certain height extent). He even made a new friend, Greta, who helped him discover new favorite foods!

Curious Monyo loves making friends

We are delighted by Monyo’s progress so far and look forward to the day he can be returned to the wild. Will you adopt Monyo today to help him reach his release goal?

As Monyo’s adopter, you will get quarterly updates on his progress! Here’s an excerpt of some recent news:

In the wild, baby orangutans are nurtured by their mothers and depend on them for about eight years. In Forest School, our surrogate mothers take on the role of mother for young, orphaned orangutans, therefore it is common to see these baby orangutans rely heavily on their human surrogate mothers for a lot of things.

But not Monyo! At the tender age of four years, he doesn’t seem to need his surrogate mother for much at all. This is completely unlike the behaviour of other orangutans his age. Monyo even shows his displeasure towards approaching surrogate mothers! He also dislikes being at the back of the line on the way to Forest School and will try to catch up to the front if he falls behind…

Adopt Monyo today to receive his latest full update and learn more about his recent adventures!