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In June 2016, a 5-month-old Mema began her rescue and rehabilitation journey at Nyaru Menteng in a cardboard box.

A local villager claimed to have found her among burned peat and it’s possible her mother may have been the victim of a fire, though it’s unlikely she would have left her baby alone, as orangutan mothers will almost always protect their babies, even curling around them to protect them from threats.

Mema’s journey has been one of strength and personality.

As Mema grows on her journey back to the wild, she’ll need help. Will you adopt Mema today?

As Mema’s adopter, you will get quarterly updates on her progress! Here’s an excerpt of some recent news:

Since the end of last month, Forest School Groups 5 and 6 have been together as one group, to share one area of Forest School. Mema, who is currently in Group 5, often spends time with the orangutans from Group 6, like Telaken and Josh. While she only stays with them for a short while before they all part ways to engage in their own activities, mixing with these older orangutans has been a great experience for Mema.

After finishing her meal at the feeding platform, Mema will quickly head up into the canopy. Mema excels in Forest School, but it is quite difficult for the surrogate mothers to record what she is actually doing since she is normally so high up! However, what the surrogate mothers can confirm is that she always makes nests up there…

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