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Camp Nles Mamse is approaching its tenth birthday. Built in 2015, this nine-year-old facility has seen countless stories unfold and occupies a space in the heart of anyone who has ever called it home. Many team members have come and gone, but the camp still stands strong.

However, the impacts of age are felt faster in the humid and hot climate of the Kehje Sewen Forest. Maintenance is a never-ending task at the camp, which can include repairing the camp’s roof, cleaning the water tanks, patching the boats’ hulls, repairing the kitchen walls, tidying up the camp, and servicing the equipment.

One of the longest-standing “residents” of Camp Nles Mamse is the generator (genset). This equipment is nearly as old as the camp where our team works. It also serves as the main source of electricity for the team in the middle of the forest, facilitating the team’s activities, especially at night. However, no matter how sophisticated and good a tool is, it certainly cannot last long without proper maintenance during its use.

Just like how we humans go to the doctor, regular maintenance is a prerequisite for ensuring that a tool can have a long “life” and function optimally. However, not just anyone can repair this sometimes-fickle genset. Fortunately, one of our technicians, affectionately known as Bang Ali, is highly experienced in maintaining equipment such as gensets, water pumps, and other essential pieces of technology.

Even with experience, it’s not an easy task. At times Bang Ali is left puzzled when the genset suddenly stops working without an obvious cause. However, when the genset can be repaired, the team feels relieved to have Bang Ali’s skills in the team!

Text by: Communication Team, BOS Foundation Headquarters, Bogor, West Java

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