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Our Post-Release Monitoring (PRM) team recently translocated Hanung, who the BOS Foundation released to the Kehje Sewen Forest in 2016. Find out why.

In addition to releasing and monitoring orangutans in the forest, the PRM team also translocates orangutans when required. Translocation involves moving an orangutan from one location to another to end conflict between the orangutan and humans. This happens when orangutans have entered human settlements persistently, and other forms of mitigation have failed.

Hanung’s recent translocation aimed to move him to a more suitable habitat, as he had previously appeared near residential areas in Pelangsiran. In his new area, Hanung must be more independent and will be unable to enter human settlements. The team hopes he establishes a new home range and does not return to areas where humans reside.

As soon as his transport cage opened, Hanung explored his new home

Translocation is a safeguard in the BOS Foundation’s reintroduction program. The PRM teams can use this tool to help ensure that the orangutans can live full lives in natural, secure habitats. It also shows the local people that orangutans are friendly neighbours, not competitors or threats.

By getting a fresh start, orangutans can regain their natural behaviours and relearn how to forage independently without relying on humans.

Hopefully, Hanung will be happy and thrive in his new part of the Kehje Sewen Forest!

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