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Who could forget sweet Ayu, the daughter of Lesan and, probably, Hamzah, who was born in the Kehje Sewen Forest in 2016? Just as she is developing new skills and showing more positive progress, we have news that Ayu will soon become a big sister!

This comes after our veterinarian has confirmed that Lesan is pregnant, with visible changes in her physical condition, including a visibly swollen vulva and nipples.

Mom Lesan and her daughter Ayu

Ayu is very close to Lesan and usually sticks by her mother’s side wherever she goes. However, Ayu’s behavior has started to change somewhat since Lesan became pregnant; Ayu used to breastfeed frequently but has now stopped. Ayu also used to be very clingy but now looks braver and happier to be separated from her mother, even over a considerable distance.

Now bolder and more independent, little Ayu is ready to allow Lesan to care for another baby in the forest. We know you will provide a great example for your little brother or sister, Ayu!

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