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BOS is proud to partner with The Great Projects for volunteering opportunities in our Bornean sanctuaries! Here’s a look at some of our latest updates from the ground.

The past month has been a busy one! Our Great Project volunteers have been hard at work repairing important islands for orangutans as well as building enclosures for sun bears!

Volunteers work together to build important enrichments for orangutans

Volunteers have been helping BOSF get Island Six (Bujang and Anih’s old island) back in usable shape. With help from technicians, the Great Projects volunteers filled over 300 sandbags, cleared and moved multiple tons of soil from the front of the island to the back, and more. There is still some work to be done before Island Six is back up and running, but much progress has been made! Once completed, this island will soon serve as the new home for Anih and a to-be-determined male.

Of course, the volunteers have also had a chance to help out our sun bears! They’ve begun to build a platform for a sun bear enclosure. This particular enclosure houses Meli, who lives alone due to aggressive tendencies. This new platform will help add enrichment to her sanctuary life.

Speaking of enrichment, volunteers have also crafted numerous hammocks for the orangutan enclosures, as well as various other enhancements and entertainments for orangutans and sun bears alike.

Text adapted from Kate Helliwell, The Great Projects Volunteer Coordinator in Samboja Lestari

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