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“You can make a real difference”

Virtually adopting one of our orphaned orangutans is a wonderful way to support our work. Learn how we evaluate the orangutans for our adoption program and why you help us tremendously by joining our adoption family in the interview with Lalita Tri Adila. You will also get to understand how she coordinates the orangutan adoption program at the BOS Foundation’s headquarters in Indonesia. 

1. Jeni and Monyo are the latest babies added to our adoption program. Can you tell our readers how you select the orangutans for the program?

Usually, we will select new adoption candidates when the previous ones graduate from forest school. It is then that our teams, both in the head office and at the programs of Nyaru Menteng and Samboja Lestari, start by reviewing a list of forest school students and their background stories.

Before we decide, we discuss in-depth with the veterinarians about their health histories and if there are any current concerns. We also consult with the surrogate mothers about their personalities and the progress the students have been making at Forest School. We don’t only look for a strong background story that illustrates the severe threats that orangutans face, but we also consider their behavioral attributes such as their distinct personalities and their consistent development of skills. 

For example, Jeni was traumatized when she first came to the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre, but she was able to break free of her trauma and become a young, cheerful, and energetic female. Monyo was chosen because he quickly gets along with other orangutans and is extraordinarily curious. We are very excited to share their stories with you through our adoption program.

2. When our supporters adopt an orangutan, they not only help this specific orangutan. What else do they support?

Our goal is for the adoption program to be one way for supporters to learn about orangutan conservation and ease the financial burden we face running the entire rehabilitation process. Therefore, as an adopter, you not only support the specific orangutans who are up for adoption but all the orangutans under our care.

The rehabilitation process is long and very complex, requiring a lot of money. We currently have over 400 orangutans who need daily attention, including food, vet care, transportation when moving to pre-release islands and release sites, and permanent sanctuary care for all of our unreleasable orangutans.

For a small monthly sum, you can make a real difference and help all orphaned orangutans survive and thrive!

3. What makes the adoption program so special for supporters?

Through the adoption program, you get to follow the orangutans’ stories and learn about our work along the way. We will send you updates regularly and help create a connection between you and the orangutan you adopt. You will feel like a parent who is always curious about your child’s progress at school! 

Furthermore, the orangutan adoption program is also the perfect way for you to be responsible for the care and survival of orangutans and their habitat long-term. This program is more impactful and more exciting than a one-time donation, as it represents your continued commitment to both the particular orangutan you adopted and the species as a whole.

Many of our supporters also purchase orangutan adoptions as a special gift for their relatives and loved ones to ensure that their gift is not wasteful and has a direct and positive impact on the environment. By gifting an orangutan adoption, you also help us spread awareness about orangutan conservation. Recently, it has been popular for fans to send adoption packages as virtual gifts to their favorite idols, and we ensure that the adoption certificates are actually in their idol’s name.

4. How important is the adoption program for BOS?

This program is very important to us, not only as a source of funding and extended financial security due to the long-term nature of the adoption program but also as a way to spread awareness and educate people around the world about the importance of orangutan and habitat conservation. Therefore, we really hope this program will continue to grow, and more supporters like you will adopt orangutans.

I also hope that other foundations that work to protect wildlife develop their own programs so that public awareness of the importance of protecting all wildlife grows even more! We need to change the trend of people keeping wild animals at home into a responsible movement that supports conservation programs that prioritize the welfare of wild animals and the protection of their habitat.

Are you ready to support our lifesaving work by symbolically adopting one of our orphans? Wonderful! You receive a personalized certificate and quarterly updates on your orangutan’s progress for just $5 / £3 per month.

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