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In recent months, Sayang has not appeared around Camp Lesik in the Kehje Sewen Forest. Unlike before, when our team often saw the families of Sayang and Lesan spending time together around the camp, they only spotted Lesan and her two offspring in the area. What happened?

The Post Release Monitoring team members were relieved when they finally saw Sayang and her daughter, Padma, along the main transect, still close to the camp. Both were engrossed in chewing Ficus, sp. As usual, the team observed the mother-daughter pair and took notes.

This time though, Sayang had a surprise for them. Her stomach appeared to have grown bigger, and her vulva was enlarged, indicating that Sayang may be following in Lesan’s footsteps by having another forest-born baby. 

A pregnancy is excellent news as every additional baby increases the wild orangutan population in the Kehje Sewen Forest! So we can’t wait to hopefully see Sayang’s new baby clinging to her soon and Padma being a big sister – just like Ayu, Lesan’s firstborn.

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