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Topan Travels

I travel to make global friends and to spread awareness of my wild ginger family.

Let’s travel together!

The Rules

Take a photo of me in a glorious location

Share the pic on your channel and tag me

@ TopanTravels
# TopanTravels

Pass me over to your next travelling buddy

Let’s create a global movement for change!

I’m Topan! Nice to meet you.

The Real Topan

When she was rescued, she was severely dehydrated, malnourished, and dangerously underweight. But these days, her confidence and joy shine through.

Topan is fiercely independent but has recently been making friends with Mema

She will cleverly choose to eat leaves which is an important and plentiful food source

Why not adopt Topan?

When you adopt Topan, you instantly become an involved part of her journey back to the wild. As Topan’s adopter, you will receive dedicated quarterly updates and photographs – as well as a yearly unique video – detailing her individual story, struggles, and triumphs.

With your support, she can continue to learn how to survive on her own so she may one day be released back into the wild.

Topan’s journey

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