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Thanks to your amazing support, we are getting closer to our goal! We are so grateful to you all and excited to share an update with you on our project in the Bukit Batikap Protection Forest!

The BOS Foundation Post Release Monitoring (PRM) team have been busy collecting data from the cameras and we have some fabulous new images to share with you.

One of our highlights is the image of relatively new mother, Manggo, together with her baby Melki! Manggo was released on Valentine’s Day in 2013 as a 7ish-year-old, together with her mother Markisa and baby brother Uli.

Manggo and her infant Melki. The best marker of success for us is when a released orangutan gives birth to a baby in the wild.
Maroon langur
Clouded leopard
Bearded pig

After her release, Manggo quickly gained her independence, and eight years later, we are delighted to see her with her own baby. Both are very healthy, and undoubtedly Manggo is a great Mum to curious little Melki.

In case you were wondering, the name Melki comes from our former PRM Coordinator at Batikap, who was instrumental in helping to set up our camera trap project. Thank you, Melki, and it looks like Manggo and your namesake dropped by one of the cameras to say thank you too!

Gentle kisses in front of our camera. These two muntjacs were grooming each other for a long time and were one of the many species visiting our traps.

So many other species have been passing by the cameras, and we are busy labelling all of the 223,000 images we have gathered so far. Amongst the visitors were two muntjacs, who spent ages standing in front of our camera grooming each other with gentle licks (kisses). We also captured images of a clouded leopard and a stunning one of an adult red langur.

As we continue to process all the data, we’ll report back with our latest findings and exciting new images.

Thank you for supporting the protection of our reintroduced orangutans.

We couldn’t do it without you!

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