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At just 3 months old in June 2018, Monita was confiscated from a villager by our rescue team from Nyaru Menteng together with the Central Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA).

The villager found Monita near a palm oil plantation and took her home as a pet, held captive for several days. During this time, she was treated like a human baby rather than an orangutan and was bathed and clothed. Despite her tiny size, Monita was fortunately in good physical health.

A month after her rescue, Monita had gained weight and started to actively play in the quarantine facilities playground area.

Monita loves to climb trees!

Monita continues to grow and thrive and build up her curious nature in Forest School, but she has some time ahead of her before she can be released. Will you adopt Monita today?

As Monita’s adopter, you will get quarterly updates on her progress! Here’s an excerpt of some recent news:

The surrogate mothers who work and dedicate their days to caring for the orangutans at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre refer to Group 4 as the ‘transitional group’, where once-quiet orangutans can turn into rowdy troublemakers that are difficult to handle.

Monita is one of the young orangutans in Forest School Group 4 who is starting to move into this phase and venturing further into the forest. She is one mischievous female! One day she was playing in a tree and started to build a nest, but soon abandoned it to move deeper into the forest and explore far away…

Adopt Monita today to receive her latest full update and learn more about her recent adventures!