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Kopral’s journey to rescue and rehabilitation has been a harsh one. In December of 2009, at 4 years of age, Kopral escaped the cage where he was being kept as a pet, climbed a telegraph pole and was electrocuted by live wires.

Thinking that Kopral would die of his injuries, his ‘owners’ waited a full week before bringing him to Samboja Lestari. Upon arrival, the vet team was shocked to see the horrific extent of his injuries – so severe, there was no choice but to amputate both of his arms.

Because of this, Kopral cannot return to the wild and now lives in the safety of our sanctuary islands.

Kopral enjoys some well-earned rest

Kopral’s spirit is undiminished, though, and he continues to carry on living a full and inspiring life. Kopral has exceeded all hopes and expectations and now he’s a cheerful, independent individual with a penchant for nest-making. He is thriving in sanctuary care alongside his friends, but he needs ongoing support. Will you adopt Kopral today?

As Kopral’s adopter, you will get quarterly updates on his progress – as well as another orangutan friend who he is living with at the time! Here’s an excerpt of his most recent news:

Kopral, now 16 years old, has perfect cheek pads and a large body with blackish, dark-brown hair that makes him look absolutely dashing! He still resides on Island #3 with Lesley, a quiet and shy 14-year-old female orangutan. 

Kopral and Lesley have lived together on the island for quite some time, after first meeting in Forest School in 2012. They have a very close relationship, as evident in their behaviour; Lesley always waits for Kopral to come and eat together at the edge of the island and Kopral openly shares his food with her…

Adopt Kopral & friends today to receive his latest full update and learn more about his recent adventures!