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Jeni’s story begins, sadly, the same way it does for most of the orangutans in our care: by losing her mother.

On August 24, 2020, a rescue team brought her to our Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. On arrival, this tiny baby weighed only 5kg! She also suffered from wounds to the back of her leg and was in shock from the trauma of being separated from her mother.

Our team and surrogate orangutan mothers got to work making her feel comfortable and safe in her new environment and Jeni is now fully recovered, and has started to develop natural behaviours – and has a healthy appetite!

Jeni’s sweet and feisty nature have made her a joy to watch thrive.

We can’t wait to one day release Jeni back into the Bornean rainforest one day, where she belongs. But to get there, Jeni still has more work to do. Will you adopt Jeni today and help her in her journey?

As Jeni’s adopter, you will get quarterly updates on her progress! Here’s an excerpt of some recent news:

On her first day back at Forest School, Jeni was greeted by Alexander, who immediately pulled her along to go play in a tree. Aiko also approached her to offer bamboo enrichment to play with. What a lovely welcome!

Jeni accepted the enrichment from Aiko and, so as not to disappoint bestie Alexander, invited both to go play in the trees together, just as Alexander had wanted. Jeni is very clever indeed! The three played actively in the trees, dangled from lianas, ate young leaves, and were even seen piling up leaves to make a small nest…

Adopt Jeni today to receive her latest full update and learn more about her recent adventures!