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Bumi’s name translates to “Earth” in English and he truly exemplifies our connections to this planet.

Following his rescue from Tumbang Koling village in East Kotawaringin, by the Central Kalimantan BKSDA and Centre for Orangutan Protection, he was officially admitted to Nyaru Menteng on June 18, 2016.

Upon arrival, Bumi’s condition was truly distressing; he was so weak he couldn’t even open his eyes, and he had a fresh wound on his belly button from his umbilical cord, indicating that he was a newborn baby, less than two weeks old. Because of this, we believe that he was violently separated from his mother shortly after his birth.

Bumi knows how to strike a pose!

Since then, Bumi has grown into a clever and curious student in Forest School Group 4, becoming more independent every day. But he still needs more help before he can go back to the wild. Will you adopt Bumi today?

As Bumi’s adopter, you will get quarterly updates on his progress! Here’s an excerpt of some recent news:

One day, Bumi was moving through the trees when he suddenly diverted away from his Forest School area to head toward the playground, sneaking away from his group. However, he quickly abandoned his plans and returned to the group on the forest floor when he saw Ibu Sri, our surrogate mother coordinator, approaching. Bumi immediately went to Ibu Sri for attention and pampering, and motioned for her to play with him.

When Bumi arrived at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre seven years ago, it was Ibu Sri who was tasked with caring for him. Bumi, who was only two weeks old at the time, became attached to Ibu Sri and would get upset when he couldn’t see her, or if he noticed her holding another orangutan and giving them attention. An infant orangutan’s need for comfort is akin to that of a human child’s need for comfort and trust in their parent, thus, Bumi’s closeness and relationship with Ibu Sri gave the orphaned baby the comfort and confidence he needed…

Adopt Bumi today to receive his latest full update and learn more about his recent adventures!