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Recently the Post-Release Monitoring (PRM) team at Camp Lesik in the Kehje Sewen Forest was surprised and delighted by a visit from a male orangutan. He appeared to be visiting the camp for the first time as no one recognised him. Who was the mysterious guest?

The team members tried to compare the individual in question with documented photos of two released males, Kent and Mail. Clearly, the orangutan in question did not match the images of Kent, who has a very recognisable furrow on his forehead and prominent canines.

Compared to Mail’s photos from 2012, this orangutan did not appear to be a match either. When the images were taken, Mail was only eight years old. However, other physical characteristics, like the shape of the beard and wavy chest hair, convinced the team that the orangutan must be Mail.

It took a while until the team identified this visitor as Mail, one of the released orangutans.

Although initially unsure, Mang Usup, who has been working in Camp Lesik for many years, was the one you solved the mystery. He had last observed Mail in 2020 but only had his cell phone at the time to take photos. Therefore, he contacted the Communications Team at the BOS Foundation headquarters in Bogor for more reference photos, which turned out to be a match!

The technicians were so happy to have finally spotted Mail in good health after not seeing him for two years. Mail usually stayed in the area surrounding Muara Soh, where he was observed in the past spending time with his friend Casey.

Our PRM team members were grateful that Mail had stopped by, especially as some were preparing to leave the camp and return to the city.

Thank you, Mail, for coming to say goodbye to our team members – what a lovely farewell gift!

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