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Meet little Ayu, her mum Lesan and her dad Hamzah. All three are living in the Kehje Sewen Forest in East Kalimantan.

Lesan is a rehabilitated orphan we released ten years ago, and Ayu is her wild-born daughter. We released Lesan at the same time as Hamzah, and judging by the observations by our Post Release Monitoring Team, this very handsome male is Ayu’s father.

Ayu will stay with Lesan for six to eight years until she has learned all the vital survival skills to live independently. For the moment, though, Ayu will continue to stay close to Lesan, learning more every day. Unusually for a male orangutan, Hamzah still hangs out with the mother-daughter pair. What a beautiful family!

Thank you for helping us release more rehabilitated orangutans and establish the next generation of wild orangutans.